Workforce Automation helps to reduce contact center cost, improve engagement and protect the customer experience

Best of all, results are guaranteed.

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Customers Prioritize Workforce Automation for Proven Pay Off

Workforce Automation
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Intradiem is the only automation solution that dramatically increases efficiency while improving both agent engagement and the customer experience.

Reducing Cost in Contact Centers Can Be Challenging.

Proven Results. Proven Savings.

One of our customers measures the success of their projects based on investment return. The company invested $50M in CRM and $30M in chatbots. Both implementations spanned multiple years. Neither have provided any measurable benefit.

By contrast, Intradiem is viewed as the model automation project. With a smaller investment, workforce automation has proven to save the company millions. And, the value will increase over time as they add use cases.

- Matt McConnell, Intradiem CEO