Analyst Chat: Synchrony Bank uses Intelligent Automation to drive better EX and CX

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Intradiem’s AI-powered platform integrates seamlessly with contact center systems and automates many of the tedious, manual tasks that make your agents’ job a drudgery.

With Intelligent Automation, agents feel more supported, and more focused on solving the customer’s issue.

Satisfied, engaged agents are less likely to quit—so you’ll reduce your center’s costly employee attrition rate.

Intradiem’s solution uses real-time automation to:

  • Proactively prompt agents into breaks, lunch, and end-of-shift
  • Deliver training, coaching, and other development tasks at the right moments
  • Alert agents when pre-set agent-state thresholds are exceeded

Before the “great resignation,” contact centers lived the “steady resignation.” Many centers experienced turnover rates above 40% even before the pandemic.

Why? Because inefficient work processes create high stress and low job satisfaction. But Intelligent Automation is flipping that equation.

Engaged Agents Don’t Quit

Intelligent Automation Reduces Employee Attrition

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*A commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Intradiem. Completed in January 2022.

Working in a contact center is challenging for everyone involved. Customers need issues solved right away and they might not always be pleasant toward agents. For workforce managers, the perfectly planned shift can quickly fall apart because conditions and metrics are constantly changing. It can be a thankless yet extremely important job to ensure your customers receive great service.  

Join this virtual event featuring Robin Gareiss, Metrigy CEO and Principal Analyst, and special guest Jim Simmons, VP, Productivity & Initiatives from Synchrony Bank. In this webinar you’ll hear the latest from Metrigy’s latest research on Customer Insights and Analytics, why Synchrony Bank chose to use Intelligent Automation in their contact centers, and how the technology improves EX and CX.

This webinar will focus on:

  • What to measure to improve customer engagement 
  • Why voice channels continue to be king 
  • How to optimize agent productivity with proven results 
  • What tactics to use to improve agent engagement 
  • The positive changes for workforce management teams

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